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This web page is to express some thoughts about Goings-on In Australian Parliaments,
especially, the Australian Feral Parliament

Added 21 February 2018

Why, with all of its sunshine, and all of its wind, is Australia not fully powered by clean energy?

And, why does Australia still have so much dirty electricity generation?

Because of the dirty goings-on in the Australian feral parliament.

In Australia, in the feral parliament, the LNP males do not like to use toilets. They prefer to have "Show and Tell" sessions in the parliament, where they display their bowel movements results, to see who can produce the biggest.

Here are a few of their "Look what I done - I bet you can't make a bigger one. I eat lots of fibre, see." demonstrations in the chamber (as opposed to the chamber pot, which would be far more appropriate for them).

- No, man - flowers, not faeces
- if you are going to court a woman, offer her flowers, not faeces.

And what am I offered for this beautiful movement that I produced earlier?

Ah, such fond memories of the pleasure of producing you...

Can you produce such an exquisite movement?

Oh, wow, man, but I reckon I can produce one as big...

See - I done it - me can make big movements!

They are so proud of their bowel movements!

Unfortunately, they have yet to be taught what is a toilet, and, how to use it, and, that showing everyone how proud they are of their bowel movements, is not done in polite society.

But, then, this is not polite society - this IS the Australian parliament, full of bowel movements.

Someone also needs to explain to the members of the parliamentary LNP, the difference between a parliamentary chamber, and, a chamber pot (assuming that there is a difference).

Oh, and, that character in the last picture, is the current House Sleaze - the House Staff Shagger, the Minister For Adulterous Shagging Of Employees, whose stand is that Australian employees' duties include being their bosses' sextoys, to be used for breeding with their bosses, as wanted by their bosses.

Oh, and, as at the time of publishing this, he is Australia's deputy prime monster, although, for how long the Australian feral parliament maintains that an employee's duties include being a sex slave, and breeding stock, for the bosses, is yet to be seen.

And, the question that needs to be asked of Australian lawmakers, at each of the state/territory, and, federal levels, and, which needs to be considered by legislators and courts, everywhere, is the question about which, the Australian Broadcasting Commission has been conspicuously silent.

The question is this;
"Where a person in charge of another person, as the employer or boss of the second person, and, is therefore in a position of authority over the second person, engages in sexual acts and/or a sexual relationship with the person under the first person's authority, can the second person legally be regarded as having consented to the first and subsequent sexual acts, and, if so, what is the difference between this and a teacher engaging in sexual acts and/or a sexual relationship with one or more of the teacher's students?"

And, of course, for the queen of England, as the Head Of State of Australia, as this person is a "minister of the crown", and, the deputy leader of "Her Majesty's government", in Australia, does she, personally, approve of such behaviour, as a minister of her government in Australia, and, a deputy leader of her government in Australia, using his authority as commissioned in her name, for seducing his staff, and, getting them pregnant, in adulterous affairs, as her representative?

Then, of course, there is this;

We men in positions of power can do anything we want with women, whether or not they are willing.
Just ask this government's real boss - Donald the Chump.
We can do whatever we want.
I am a minister of the crown.
I can do whatever I want.
That means that I can do whatever I want, with any woman public servant.
And, I can make her bear my bastard children,
to increase National Party membership,
and to increase the number of National Party bastards.
I can do these things by the authority of the queen, as I am a minister of the crown.
I have proven that I can do these things.
You are not ministers of the crown, so you do not have the authority to do these things.
That is why we must remain a monarchist country, and not become a republic.
I will not answer to the people of Australia. I am above that. I am a minister of the crown.
I answer to no-one.

This is why Australia is not powered completely by clean energy. The dirty goings-on in the feral parliament, means that Australia has to put up with dirty electricity generation, in addition to the dirty goings-on in the feral parliament.

Added 28 February 2018

And, then, we have this - Feral Parliamentary Cat Fighting

All Australian females who are not members of the LNP feral government, are scum!
They should be treated like scum, and I will treat them as scum!
As a former feral minister for women, I know these things, and, I know how to treat Australian females.
That is why I am now the feral minister for bullying women and for denigrating women.
Bullying is the primary policy of this government, and, I am good at that, like my colleagues.
We are not much good at anything other than bullying, and that is why we are the government.
I know how to gossip, and I am not much good for anything else, other than cat fighting.
And, I keep my teeth sharp, and I know how to use them!

And, all of this, is apart from the parliamentary terrorists...

Added 31 March 2018

Web pages quoted in this item, as viewed between 0200 and 0300 on 31 March 2018.

And, with Australia being governed by the White Australian Supremacist Party, we have, from ;

"Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has brushed off claims of racism over his plan to resettle "persecuted" white South African farmers in Australia."

and "Peter Dutton said white farmers in South Africa facing "horrific circumstances" deserved special attention from Australia"

and at ;

we have

White farmers facing violence in South Africa "deserve special attention" from Australia, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has said.

Mr Dutton has ordered his department to investigate how to bring the farmers, who he says are facing "horrific circumstances" of land seizures and violence, to Australia.

He said he had watched television footage and read articles that convinced him the farmers needed help.

He said he had "hope" some of the farmers could be settled in Australia, declaring: "We have the potential to help some of these people that are being persecuted."

and at ;

we have

A conservative push to resettle "persecuted" white South African farmers in Australia is gaining momentum with several MPs calling for a special humanitarian intake.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has caused a diplomatic row with South Africa after declaring white farmers in the country were facing "horrific circumstances" and needed protection from a "civilised country".

While the issue has hit the national headlines this week, West Australian Liberals have been agitating behind the scenes for months and last year passed a motion at the party's state council calling on the Federal Government to "resettle persecuted European minorities" in South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Mr Goodenough — who has been lobbying his senior colleagues over the issue — argues white South African farmers would bring relevant skills to Australia and integrate well into the community.

"It certainly wouldn't hurt to allocate a number of places to people who fit in well and will contribute to the country," he said.

His West Australian colleague, Andrew Hastie, took to social media to declare he is "outraged" by the reports of violence against white farmers and posted an image of a flyer describing the group as the "persecuted minority nobody cares about".


"Queensland Liberal MP Andrew Laming has been vocal on the topic, describing white farmers as "refugees", and claimed credit for this week's developments."

and at ;

we have

A group of Liberal backbenchers insist the Federal Government will find a way of helping "persecuted" white South African farmers, even though it has ruled out a special visa category.

Seven Liberal MPs raised concerns about the farmers' "unique" and "difficult" circumstances in today's meeting of the Liberal and National party meeting and noted the high levels of violence they reportedly face.

The MPs also took aim at critics who have labelled their push racist, accusing those on the "green left" of closing their eyes to persecution because of the colour of the farmers' skin.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told colleagues there was no need for a new visa category and no need to change the existing rules.

They pointed out the Government has responded in the past to referrals under the humanitarian program from families, churches and non-Government organisations.

And they noted people applying for protection did not need to meet the technical definition of a refugee.

Liberal MP Andrew Laming, who is one of the backbenchers leading the campaign, said immigration authorities needed more information about what is happening on the ground in South Africa and needed to pay closer attention to individual cases.


His colleagues Andrew Hastie, Jim Molan, Craig Kelly, Luke Howarth and Steve Irons also spoke out during today's meeting and made it clear they backed Mr Dutton, who has said white South African farmers deserved "special attention".

But, then again, this IS Australia, where only white "refugees" are welcome, and, only rich people are welcome, and, all of the starving black Africans, and the Black Africans who had been persecuted and brutalised and murdered, by the whites there, and, the blacks being slaughtered by USA police forces, the Dalits who are terrorised and murdered in India, and, the Palestinians suffering crimes against humanity by Israel, including the Israelis committing terrorist acts against the Palestinians, including the gratuitous murder (ethnic cleansing?) of Plaestinians, and, using armed robbery to rob the Palestinians of their lands and property, are not regarded by the Australian feral government as people entitled to protection and sanctuary, because they are not White Anglo Saxons.

Australia - undergoing a resurrection of South African apartheid, with the retrogressive and uncivilised White Australian Supremacist Party feral government. Yet another reqason why human rights are banned in Australia, and, why the "United Nations" gave Australia a seat on the UN Human Rights Commission, as a reward for the Australian feral parliament's persistent human rights violations.

Added 03 April 2018

The web page quoted in this item, as viewed between 1100 and 1200 on 03 April 2018.

And, with Australia being governed by the White Australian Supremacist Party, we have an update, from ;

Peter Dutton caused a diplomatic row last month when he said white farmers were facing "horrific circumstances" in South Africa and deserved "special attention" from a civilised country.

South Africa immediately rejected Mr Dutton's concerns, demanded a retraction and called in Australia's High Commissioner to explain.

Since then, Mr Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have reiterated Australia has a non-discriminatory immigration policy and ruled out a special humanitarian intake, or visa category, for white farmers.

That is, Australia has a non-discriminatory immigration policy, as long as the people seeking reefugee status, or, otherwise wanting to immigrate to Australia, are White Anglo-Saxons, with lots of money.

After all, Australia is (unofficially) a state of Trump's white supremacist USA, and, Trump is Turnbull's sugar daddy.

Did YOU know that Australia has been supplying nuclear weapons materials?

The web page quoted in this item, as viewed between 1300 and 1400 on 03 April 2018.

A cause for extreme conscern, is, from ;

Rum Jungle — one of Australia's oldest uranium mines — was set up in the 1950s with the support of the Commonwealth to supply uranium to the weapons programs of the US and British governments.

So, apart from the current Australian feral parliament taking great delight in deliberately killing and injuring people, and,destroying the environment, wit its "Mine more coal, burn more coal" policy, the question needs to be asked -

How much of the world's nuclear weaponry, is attributable to Australia and its radioactive materials mines and products?


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