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and federal politics in Australia

Posted 19 February 2018

Australian feral Liberal-National Party Member of Parliament = White Anglo-Saxon Terrorist

(Aren't all National Party members of parliaments in Australia, White Anglo-Saxons? "The WAS party"?
-simply look at the current National Party / WAS Party members of the Australian feral parliament)

After all, he DID publish on his Facebook web page, with the above picture, "You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?" - a clear death threat against all "greenies" in Australia, and, wherever he goes hunting for them, including Greens Party members of parliaments (and, why did Facebook not immediately cancel his account and permanently ban him, for using Facebook to make terrorist death threats?).

And, it was done within a couple of days of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, USA, the massacre performed by a similarly deranged gunman, showing the Australian feral government involves deranged firearmed offenders and terrorists, and, the Australian feral government's absolute contempt for the victims of the the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, USA, like the prime monster's sugar daddy.

And, the Australian feral parliament terrorist caused a death threat to be made against a member of the Greens Party (the target of the parliamentary terrorist) of the Australian feral parliament, due to the victim of the death threat, having objected to the terrorist threat by the parliamentary terrorist.

The question also needs to be asked, as to how, in Australia, with its purportedly strict firearms laws, a man who makes death threats with firearms, is allowed to own and use semi-automatic firearms.

Oh, that's right. He is a white Australian,

And, he IS a member of the feral parliament. So, no laws that apply to the common people, apply to him.

And, he is the Australian version of James Bond - Licensed To Kill.
See all of the muscle around his redneck, and, being a white Australian, he is indscreet and offensive.
He can leap over tall bullets, and, he can see through his spectacles (and, what a spectacle he is).
He is .... Australia's Perminator...(and, what a perm - that should go down well on the membership of the NRA)...

"I'm NRA and I'm okay - I w*nk all night and I shoot all day ... Just don't get in my way..."

Of course, with Australia being ruled by the organisations that rule it, acts of terrorism are acceptable in Australia, if they are performed by white Anglo Saxon Australians, and, especially, if they are performed by a member or members of the feral parliament.

So, we have a deputy prime minister, shagging his staff, and creating even more government bastards ("This is Australia - you are my employee and so you will be my sextoy, if you want to be employed, and, you will breed my bastards, if I want it - I am your boss and so I own you"), and, a member of the government, making terrorist death threats and inciting terrorist killings, including, making terrorist death threats against members of parliaments, and, including inciting terrorist killings of members of parliaments (and, of course, these are both white Australian men of the same political party - sleaze and White Anglo-Saxon Terrorism, and, of course, they are both, White Anglo-Saxons, of the White Anglo-Saxon Party). And, later in February (28 February 2018), we have the newly created portfolio, of the feral (white Australian) minister for parliamentary cat fights and for denigrating women who aren't government ministers and who can't fight back.

What a government!

Bullying - it is the (white) Australian way.

And, we really have to wonder at the nature of the people in the parliament, who allow this government to remain in power.

But, the prime monster is not bothered about it all - he is off to visit his sugar daddy - probably to discuss how to create even more harm, and, to find more ways for the rich and powerful to evade paying taxes in their respective countries.

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