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This web page relates to businesses local to, and, businesses serving, Armadale, Western Australia.

Armadale is the south-eastern-most suburb of Perth, the state capital of Western Australia.

My name is Bret Busby, and I have lived in Armadale, WA, for about 22 years (as at September 2015).

I have created this web page, to promote businesses that are local to, and businesses serving, Armadale in Western Australia.

If you contact one of the businesses listed on this web page, as a result of seeing the business listed on this web page, please tell the business that. And, if you want, tell me, too.

This web page is a work in progress, and I will be working on it as time goes on.

The inclusion of any business listed on this web page, does not mean that that business agrees with anything that I have published on this web page or anywhere else on this web site, unless I so state.

Local Products and services, and businesses serving Armadale, WA, and, providing a disservice to Armadale, WA

Air Conditioning

Quality Airconditioning and Heating

Quality Airconditioning and Heating is a family business that provides ducted evaporative air-conditioning and ducted gas heating. Quality Airconditioning and Heating is an authorised dealer and service agent for Braemar ducted evaporative air-conditioning and ducted gas heating, and can provide free quotes.

Quality Airconditioning and Heating is located at
Shop 2, 5 Mallard Way, Cannington,
and can be contacted by phone at (08) 9358-0651.


Canon Australia

I strongly recommend against buying Canon cameras.

The warranties for Canon cameras are not worth the paper on which they are written. Canon Australia reserves the right to replace any items or parts replaced, with bodgy old reconditioned, used, components, regardless of the age and amount of use of the defective items. It is a bit like buying a new car, the car failing at less than a year old, with less than 10,000km travelled, and, the warranty replacement being a ten year old car that has travelled 250,000km. And, Canon requires its victims to pay for all transportation costs to get the defective items delivered to Canon in the eastern states, Canon Australia does not have a presence in Western Australia, and is not open for Western Australian office hours, and, so, effectively, does not provide service for Western Australia. When Canon produced film cameras, 30 years ago, the cameras were quality cameras, and, of good reputation. Now that Canon is producing digital cameras, I recommend buying a reputable brand, instead of Canon cameras.

Cars and things to do with cars

See under Motor Vehicles, below.



Armadale Drycleaners

I have used and recommend Armadale Drycleaners,
which is at Shop3/54 Fourth Road, Armadale,
and can be contacted by phone at (08) 9399-4810.

Electrical Appliances

The Good Guys
A Good Guys store is in Cockburn, on the Armadale side of the Kwinana Freeway
This is the nearest Good Guys store, to Armadale.
Address: Unit 1, 87 Armadale Road, Cockburn, WA 6164
Phone:08 9414 0600
or click on the email address The Good Guys, Cockburn

Appliances Online
An Australian online electrical retailer based in the eastern states of Australia, which delivers to Western Australia, is Appliances Online. I have dealt with this company, and, my experience was so bad, that I strongly recommend against dealing with the company. Similarly with the extended warranties that they sell, that are provided by IAG/Lumley/Wesfarmers Insurance - the name kept changing between the three, during a claims process, and the extended warranty "provider" did not have a constant name, and the extended warranties are not honoured. The extended warranties are shown to be simply fraudulent. I note that Appliances Online is associated with, if not owned by, Winning Appliances, which has a store in Western Australia, with advertisements on television in Perth, Western Australia, and so I would equally, not recommend Winning Appliances, being part of, if not at the top of, the empire.

In this,
1. Appliances Online sold a fraudulent "Extended Warranty" cover, which was not honoured,
2. Appliances Online dishonoured its advertised prices,
3. Appliances Online dishonoured its "Best Price Guaranteed" guarantee, and,
4. Appliances Online sold goods that were
1) not of merchantable quality, and
2) not fit for purpose.

And, in a claim on the "Extended Warranty", the "Extended Warranty" "provider";
IAG/Lumley/Wesfarmers Insurance - the name kept changing between the three,
1. did not provide or offer a loan appliance, as promised in the "Extended Warranty" document, and
2. did not repair the defective appliance, as promised in the "Extended Warranty" document, and
3, did not offer to replace the defective appliance, as promised in the "Extended Warranty" document, and,
4. did not issue a refund, as promised in the "Extended Warranty" document.

So, the "Extended Warranty" was clearly, a fraud, as is Appliances Online.

And, notably, when the extended warranty claim was made, and, was being evaded by the extended warranty "provider(s)", no written acknowledgement of receipt of the claim, was received, that stated anything like
We acknowledge receipt of your extended warranty claim made on (date that claim was made, which was about the start of July, 2017).


Armadale Hardware & Building Supplies

Armadale Hardware & Building Supplies is located at 26 Commerce Avenue, Armadale, and can be contacted by phone at (08) 9399 3040 or (08) 9399 1815.


Bunnings Armadale is at the corner of Armadale Road and Ranford Road.
See For details, including trading hours and location.

Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests

National Hearing Centre

The National Hearing Centre has a branch in Armadale, where it provides hearing tests, and supplies and fits prescription hearing aids.
Their web site is at .
Their Armadale branch web page, including the address and contact details, is at .

Lawn and Gardening and Tree Work Products

Armadale Mower World

Armadale Mower World sell and service various gardening and lawn maintenance and tree work machines, from domestic to commercial products, including lawnmowers, mulchers, weed and brush cutters, chainsaws and ride-on mowers.

Armadale Mower World is located at 79 Champion Drive, Seville Grove, and can be contacted by phone, at (08) 9497-1399.
Armadale Mower World has a web site at .

Motor Vehicle Accessories

Bullbars, Roobars, Crashbars

Irvin Bullbars

Irvin Bullbars supply and fit bullbars, roobars and crashbars for motor vehicles, do a good job, and do it at good prices.
I have used, and I recommend, them.
Irvin Bullbars are located at Midvale.
Their web site is at .
Their contact web page is at .

Motor Vehicle Tyres Supply And Fitting

Bob Jane T-Mart Armadale

Their service is good.
Bob Jane T-Mart Armadale supply and fit a variety of tyres

Bob Jane T-Mart Armadale is located at the corner of Commerce Avenue and Wiliam Street, Armadale.
Bob Jane T-Mart Armadale is open Monday to Friday - 7:45am - 5:00pm and Saturday - 7:45am - 4:00pm
Bob Jane T-Mart Armadale can be contacted via the phone number (08) 9399 4800,
or by email at bjarmadale(at) .

Motor Vehicle Servicing

City Subaru

City Subaru is in Victoria Park, near the Causeway, on Albany Highway, and provide quality servicing for Subaru motor vehicles.

I have found City Subaru to be the best of the Subaru dealers that I have used in the Perth metropolitan area, for servicing Subaru motor vehicles.

They have a web site at .
Their address is 37/165 Albany Highway Victoria Park WA 6100
and the telephone number for their Service Department, is 9416-0888.
The Service Department trading hours, are Monday - Friday 7:30am-5:00pm

Motor Vehicle Smash Repairs/Panelbeaters

Maddington Smash Repairs

Their service is excellent, for both insurance work, and work that does not involve an insurance claim.
Maddington Smash Repairs is a Recommended Repairer for ALL major insurance companies, including the RAC.
While Maddington Smash Repairs may be regarded as servicing Maddington, Beckenham, Kenwick, and Gosnells, rather than Armadale and Kelmscott, their service makes them worth travelling to, and, some dodgy panelbeaters exist in many places, but Maddington Smash Repairs is not a dodgy panelbeating company - it is a panelbeating company that I strongly recommend.

Maddington Smash Repairs are located at 6 Malcolm Road, Maddington.
They can be contacted via the phone number (08) 9459 3430,
the fax number (08) 9493 3430,
or by email at maddington.smash(at) .


Snap Printing Armadale

Snap Printing Armadale provide good, quick service and quality printing.

Snap Printing Armadale is located at
Unit 1
17 Alex Wood Drive
Forrestdale 6112

and their landline telephone number is 08-9497-2226.

Contact email address is armadale(at) .

They have a web page at .


Happy Gathering Chinese Restaurant

The Happy Gathering Chinese Restaurant is BYO Dine-in or Takeaway. It also provides home delivery service in the Armadale area, for orders over $30, on Wednesday to Sunday. We have used this restaurant, and recommend it.

Business hours are:
Lunch –
Sunday to Friday (excluding public holidays) - 11.30am to 2.00pm
Dinner –
Monday to Thursday - 4.30pm to 9.30pm
Friday & Saturday - 4.30pm to 11.00pm
Sunday and Public holidays - 4.30pm to 9.30pm

The Happy Gathering Chinese Restaurant is located at 91 Jull Street, Armadale, and can be contacted by telephone, at 9399 5683 or 9498 1542.

Han's Cafe

Han's Cafe is Dine-in or Takeaway.

Han's Cafe provides quality Asian cuisine and very good service.

We have used and recommend Han's Cafe in Armadale.

Han's Cafe is situated in the shopping complex at 193 Jull Street, Armadale,
and can be contacted by telephone at 9498-1388.
The restaurant is licensed and BYO.

Signage Company

Downunder Signs

Downunder Signs manufactures and supplies a variety of signs
and provides quality signs and service, quickly and efficiently.

Downunder Signs is located at 31 Owen Road, Kelmscott,
and can be contacted at telephone number 9497-1155
and they have a web site at .

Solar Electricity Systems; Solar Panels,Domestic Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems

A person looking at the roof of our home, will see that we have two domestic rooftop photovoltaic systems, totalling about 5kW of maximum possible generating capacity. These were supplied and installed at about the end of 2013 / start of 2014. They were supplied and installed by a company named Express Solar. The web page published at
and the linked document, show that Express Solar has been liquidated as of June 2017. Despite the documentation published there, claiming that customers of Experess Solar, would be contacted, within "the next few weeks" of the start of June, 2017, we have not been contacted about this. The company that took over the remnants of Express Solar; Diamond Energy, has been contacted about this, with questions such as what now happens regarding warranty coverage on the systems supplied and installed by Express Solar. I am awaiting a response. Diamond Energy, unlike Express Solar, appears to have no presence or representation, in Western Australia.

I have now found that email sent to Diamond Energy has been bounced with the error message "User Unknown", so, Diamond Energy appears to have also disappeared.

I note that the web site for Diamond Energy, does not state that Diamond Energy is a CEC accredited retailer.
See ,
and, .

The bottom line is that, whilst our systems, and, the installations, seem to be okay, so far, as the company that was responsible, has disappeared, possibly along with any warranty coverage, I believe, now that I know that the accreditation exists, that using a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, would be a far safer option.

Added 24 December 2017 - One of our photovoltaic systems has failed, and, the other has deteriorated performance.The inverters (Rewatt) appear to have failed, and Diamond Energy apparently no longer exists, and Rewatt does not have a presence in Australia, so the warranties for our photovoltaic systems, which are still "in warranty", are not worth the paper on which they are written.

So, warranties on domestic rooftop photovoltaic systems, at this stage, appear to be not worth the paper on which they are written, as, under "Australian Consumer Law", as cited by the Western Australian debilitated replacement for a department of consumer protection, when domestic rooftop photovoltaic systems fail, regardless of whether they are subject to warranty, and, regardless of whether they are "fit for purpose", or, "of merchantable quality", the official stance of the Australian "consumer protection", is "tough luck, sucker, you lose".

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solahart Joondalup

Solahart Joondalup provide good, quick service and quality solar water heating systems installation and service. They also provide and install solar electric / photovoltaic systems.

Solarhart Joondalup is located at
Unit 4
200 Winton Road
Joondalup 6027

and their landline telephone number is 08-9301-4564.

Contact email address is chris(at)
or darryn(at) .

They have a web site at .

Takeaway Food


A Subway shop is on the corner of the Jull Street Mall and Third Road, and they provide good service and good food, at a reasonable price.
And, they have EFTPOS available.

Another Subway shop is in the Haynes shopping centre on the corner of Eighth Road and Armadale Road, and they provide good service and good food, at a reasonable price.
And, they have EFTPOS available.


I have moved the material about telecommunications, to Telecommunications .

However, it should be noted that telecommunications in Australia has been made completely unstable, by the Australian federal parliament, to the extent that, for each of the cellphone networks, the landline telephone network (such as it is, given that the federal parliament determined that the landline telephone network should no longer work during an electricity supply failure), and, acccess to the Internet, it is very much a case of "sometimes, it works, and, sometimes it does not, and, given that this is Australia, any kind of stability and reliability, can not be expected". For each of the three means of telecommunications mentioned; cellphones, the Internet, and, landline telephones, access is now intermittent and erratic, for which, due to the progressive elimination of any sort of quality, the Australian federal parliament must assume complete responsibility.

Of particular note, is that "telecommunications" companies are not required to provide to their customers, contact email addresses or telephone numbers, via which to make complaints or otherwise voice our concerns, so, we have no real way of reporting faults.

It is pretty much like the electricity grid in south west Western Australia (which includes the state capital; Perth) - simply unstable and unreliable.

It is a state of national emergency, which, solely for the sake of public image (which is progressively deteriorating, regardless), the respective legislatures refuse to acknowledge.

Veterinary Care

Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital

The Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital is situated at 251 Railway Avenue Armadale, and can be contacted by phone at (08) 9497 1547.

I use and recommend the Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital, which provides good, friendly service, and supplies a range of veterinary products.

I can be contacted by email by clicking on the link at Bret

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