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This web page relates to telecommunications and Armadale, Western Australia.

Armadale is the south-eastern-most suburb of Perth, the state capital of Western Australia.

My name is Bret Busby, and I have lived in Armadale, WA, for about 24 years (as at September 2017).

I have created this web page, to refer to teleccommunications and Armadale in Western Australia.


The telecommunications industry is not regulated or subject to consumer protection, in Australia.

The office of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, while pretending to provide some sort of complaint resolution, no longer acknowledges, accepts, or, investigates, complaints against telecommunications companies, and has ruled that the World Wide Web, and the Internet, do not involve, and, are not related to, telecommunications.

The office of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman clearly exists solely to serve the interests of the telecommunications companies in Australia.

When the current prime minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, was the federal minister responsible for obstructing communications in Australia (now, he is also responsible for obstructing the use of clean energy, and, for hindering the development of the use of clean energy, in Australia, and, is the most powerful tax evader in Australia, and, with his treason, transferred his (hundred million, or, hundreds of millions? of dollars of) ill-gotten gains to the Cayman Islands, so the people and government of Australia would suffer), in applying the government policy of sadistically bullying the vulnerable (apart from forcing poor people to pay his taxes that he should have paid), he determined that disabled people should be punished for being disabled, and so, people with hearing disabilities, should not be alllowed to know what is being said on television, and so television broadcasts should not include closed captioning, or, subtitles for the hearing impaired, which would otherwise allow anyone with hearing disabilities, to know what is being said on television. Now, as prime minister, he says things that he does not want the public to hear, which are probably broadcast on television, such as when he ordered the high court of Australia, to exempt his "little mate", along with his fellow members of the government, from compliance with the law, as they are ineligible to be members of the federal parliament, and, they refuse to resign, when their ineligibility is made known, instead, lining their pockets with taxpayers' money, for which, they know they are ineligible.

And, with Malcolm Turnbull having determined that people with hearing disabilities should not be allowed to know what is being said in television broadcasts, so television networks in Australia, such as the nine network, deliberately do not broadcast the subtitles for the hearing impaired, that are provided to them by the producers of programmes that the networks broadcast, "because they can", and they get their thrills from bullying the vulnerable and disabled. And, they (especially, the nine network) do not acknowledge formal communications querying the missing subtitles for the hearing impaired.

I am assuming that, in countries other than Australia, telecommunications companies are required to send bills to their customers, to acknowledge and properly respond to complaints, and, to allow themselves to be contacted by formal communications from their customers, and, are accountable to consumer protection regulations.

But, not in Australia, where the federal government operates on the basis of "government by organised crime, for organised crime, with no accountability", with the simple motto, that applies to the legislatures at the different levels; "Cause as much harm as possible, at the greatest possible cost".

After all, fraud, corruption, extortion, and, bullying and intimidation, especially of the vulnerable, including invalids and the disabled, are some of the major "Australian values" of the federal parliament.

In Australia, telecommunications companies are allowed to prohibit us from having access to emergency services, and demand money by extortion, with refusing to send us any bills, and, destroying our access to our mail, and, with refusing to acknowledge or respond to communications; this is a clear act of domestic terrorism, against Australian residents, within Australia, with this terrorism being approved and encouraged by the Australian federal parliament, through not providing any regulation or accountability of telecommunications companies operating within Australia, and, the Australian federal parliament deliberately allowing people to be maliciously prohibited from access to emergency services.

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