Armadale-WA - Politics web page

This web page is to express some thoughts about politics relating State and Federal economics in Australia

During April and May of 2014, the governments of the state of Western Australia and the federation of Australia, have made it quite clear that Western Australia, and, Australia, have been made bankrupt by the respective parliaments, and are now thus, in a state of bankruptcy, and can no longer afford to either pay the excessive demands of the salaries and rorts of the members of the parliaments or feed the members of the parliaments of Australia, which has an excess of members of parliaments.

It is quite clear, as with any landholder that has excess livestock, and a problem with vermin, that a culling of members of the respective parliaments, should occur, as Australia can clearly no longer afford to either pay them, or, feed them or their excessive habits, and they (the members of the parliaments) serve no useful purpose and do not justify their existence or their exorbitant payments, and are a far greater threat to Australia and its people, than any other vermin or pestilence.

No other employee in Australia, can get away with not having to earn its income, and no other employee in Australia, is allowed to take whatever it wants from the employer, in defiance of the employer, and no other employee in Australia, is allowed to sell of its employers assets, in defiance of the will of the employer, and do whatever it wants with the sale proceeds, or to otherwise deliberately cause harm to its employer.

No other employee or livestock, is allowed to deliberately endanger its employee or owner, and, is simply done away with, when that occurs.

So, Australia has an urgent need for a culling programme, to cull the members of the parliaments, for the protection of Australia.

After all, it is not as if the members of the respective parliaments, are democratically elected, or are in any way accountable, or, can justify their existence. They are simply imposed upon us, they serve no useful purpose, and their clear objective, is to cause as much harm as possible, at the greatest possible expense, to the people of Australia, and we would be better off, without them.

This web page was last updated on 04 May 2014