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Organised crime runs the parliaments of Australia

From the ABC Online News report, as published at
and viewed at 1518WST in Western Australia :

West Australian Treasurer Troy Buswell has vowed to stay on as a senior minister despite admitting he used his government allowance to carry on an affair with Fremantle Greens MP Adele Carles.

Ms Carles made the affair public at the weekend with a lengthy statement expressing regret at the pain the relationship had caused both families.

The statement followed weeks of rumour and speculation of an affair between the pair who are both married with children.

A spokesman for Premier Colin Barnett says no decison has been made about Mr Buswell's future despite some reports that he has been sacked.

The Premier was expected to make a statement about the controversy tomorrow.

Mr Buswell told a media conference today that he used his taxpayer-funded car three times to see Ms Carles.

"I will repay the government garage for the cost of those trips," he said.

He also admitted travelling to Albany to join Ms Carles. He said he would repay the cost of accommodation.

Mr Buswell apologised to Mr Barnett but would not say if he had personally told Mr Barnett about the misuse of public funds.

Mr Buswell defended his performance as Treasurer and said he had been working furiously on the coming budget.

"The party that's been affected by this has been my family, and I think that you'll see the proof in the pudding when the budget is handed down of the hard work that we've been doing to do that," he said.

Political analyst Dr Harry Phillips says it would be difficult for the Premier to dismiss his Treasurer so close to the release of the budget.

"I think Colin Barnett in the first instance has decided that he's going to support Troy Buswell because he doesn't want to dismiss him on the matter of another affair," Dr Phillips said.

"It's now becoming a little bit complicated in that Troy Buswell has enumerated expenses involved and the like.

"I think this is part strategy that he might have been signalling in his press conference, that he's going to perform this task, take all the public debate and expressions of thoughts on board and see what the situation is after the budget."


Mr Buswell said he did not think through the consequences of his actions and said he ended the four-month affair a short while ago.

He said he had been working through the matter with his family since then and did not want the affair to be made public.

"I apologise to my wife Margaret and to my sons. I sincerely regret my actions and have sought expert assistance," he said.

"My lack of judgment in this matter has disappointed a great number of people who have stood by me during the highs and lows of my political career."

But Mr Buswell was adamant the affair had not compromised his job.

"This relationship has not had an impact on the discharge on my duties," he said.

Federal Liberal Leader Tony Abbott has made no criticism of Mr Buswell, saying the affair is a private issue.

"It's a personal matter but there's no evidence that it's impacted on his ability to do his job," he said.

Two years ago Mr Buswell had to publicly apologise after sniffing the chair of a female Liberal staffer and snapping the bra of a Labor Party staff member.

Federal Greens Leader Bob Brown has backed Ms Carles, saying she is a terrific representative for the people of Fremantle.

He said personal relationships are a private matter, but concedes it is a difficult time for the woman who made history by being the first Greens member elected to WA's Lower House.

"It's a tough time for her and her family. They'll get my full support but private affairs are private affairs," he said.


This is clearly a matter of fraud and embezzlement
by the Western Australian State Treasurer,
and another Member of the Western Australian Parliament, representing the Greens Party.
And, this organised crime is openly supported by the federal leaders of the Liberal-National Party
and the Greens Party.

This organised crime running the parliaments of Australia, is what we get, from having laws that
require electors to vote for these criminals, in order to cast a valid vote,
due to the party-based preferential voting system,
which requires electors to vote for candidates that we do not want,
rather than voting only for the candidate that we want to win.

And, we all know that members of the parliaments of Australia, are above the law,
and can get away with organised crime.

And these criminals are openly supported by their federal leaders, for their criminal acts against the people of Western Australia,
like the Vatican, which has been supporting its priests for committing abominations - sex offences against vulnerable children
(has anyone heard of a priest being excommunicated for having committed sex crimes against children?
No - they have been protected by the church, because it is the way of the church).

But, then, the Western Australian state parliament openly supports the sexual abuse of children,
by allowing parents of young children, to be exempt from Working With Children Clearances,
so as to encourage parents who sexually abuse their own children,
to go on and sexually abuse children other than their own.

And the state government is in the process of licensing the state police to sexually assault anyone they want,
without fear of prosecution -
"Cop a free feel - sexually assault anyone you want, and get away with it - join the WA Police Force"
- the possibly upcoming recruitment campaign of the WA Police Force,
via the "Stop and Search" legislation, where a police officer gets to "frisk" whoever he or she wants,
without any need for "just cause", or "reasonable suspicion",
to make becoming a police officer in WA, a haven for sex offenders.

Are these two named criminals, who are members of the state parliament
(their safe haven, protecting them against prosecution),
who conspired and embezzled public money to conduct their affair,
to do to each other, what they have been doing to the Western Australian people (metaphorically speaking),
to be arrested and held in custody,
awaiting trial for fraud and embezzlement, and, conspiracy to commit these offences?

Are all of their assets, and the assets of their families, to be immediately frozen,
and forfeited to the people of Western Australia, as proceeds of crime?

No? Why not? Because they are members of parliament,
who are above the law, and,
not accountable at all, to anyone.

It is much the same as the members of the WA State Parliament,
who have taken bribes from foreign multinational corporations,
to represent the interests of the multinational corporations, who paid the bribes, in the state parliament,
and sabotage the interests of the people of the state of Western Australia.

And, it is the same as a previous federal prime minister,
who openly admitted to fraud and embezzlement,
and said that fraud and embezzlement by members of the parliament, is okay,
because all members of the parliament, do it,
and was re-elected, because the voters can be stupid.

Some further thoughts regarding the nature of the state parliament of Western Australia

This part is added in May 2014, after recent events that reflect the nature of the western australian state parliament and its members.

The bribery and corruption that are inherent in the western australian state parliament, have been already bad enough, but, when the state parliament misappropriates taxpayers' money to issue its members with motor vehicles to be used for hoon driving after ingesting mind-altering chemical substances and causing widespread malicious damage and recklessly endangering the public, and, allowing its members to wilfully evade testing and prosecution for driving while under the influence of chemical substances after having caused widespread damage after hoon driving and other use of government vehicles for personal use, it is quite clear that the state parliament is simply another criminal organisation, and that its members are a significant danger to the people of western australia, and, a threat to the western australian environment, and, being quite clearly, immune from the laws that apply to the normal people of western australia, should be subject to culling, as the members of the state parliament, are a far greater threat to the people of western australia, than are sharks or any other animal that is subject to culling.

They protect their own, as do some other criminal organisations, like the yakuza and the mafia, and some churches who hide behind the guise of being a religious organisation so that they can run organisations for raping children.

This appears to be the primary reason for pending increases in state taxes and charges in western australia, that are the stated intent of the state head of organised crime in the state - to pay for the damage done by out of control members of the parliament; the mates of the head of organised crime in the state, who use motor vehicles owned by the people of western australia, to go on rampages of hoon driving while boosted by chemical substances that they have ingested, to cause widespread damage the property of the public of western australia, and then to evade the same drug testing to which members of the public, would be subject, after a drug-fuelled hoon driving rampage. But, then, these are the master criminals, seeking to get their gang patches, so that they can graduate to the federal parliament.

And, of course, the question needs to be asked, who was the particular recent chemical substance infested hoon driver from the state parliament, shagging while driving, when he was crashing into all of the cars parked along the street? Was it his green tart, or, some other indiscrimate tart with no taste? Does he even know whether it was male or female, or, at or above the age of consent?

For any who may suggest that members of the state parliament, should be fed to the sharks, first, ask yourself whether that would not be cruelty to the sharks, as the members of the state parliament, appear to be toxic, as well as otherwise harmful.

That the members of the state parliament, are not selected by democratic elections, but, rather, by cronyism, and, that the members of the state parliament, can not be removed by their supposed employer - the people of their constituencies, for gross misconduct, is quite worrysome, leaving the only suitable option to be culling.

If western australia had democratic government, and accountable members of parliament, who would be subject to the same laws as normal people, things might be different, but, at present, western australia has a state parliament, that is simply an uncontrollable criminal organisation, which is beyond any laws or accountability.

And, thus, in Australia,
it is not the bikies, that are the worst criminal organisations
- it is the parliaments.

Western Australia - state of crime and corruption,
governed by crime and corruption,
"Brought to you, by public apathy".

- the country of organised crime and corruption,
governed by organised crime and corruption
"Brought to you, by public apathy".

No wonder that the federal government, and the federal parliament, in general,
prohibits binding Human Rights legislation in Australia -
why have Human Rights in Australia,
and take away the power of the criminal organisations that run the country?

And now that Troy Buswell has been "consigned to the backbench", he can happily go sniffing the seats there, without interruption, in his quest to find females who are in season, to accompany him on his dirty weekends at taxpayers' expense, and, to seek out any other males who have been spraying in his territory. And, isn't the part of the parliament that supplies alcohol to the members of the parliament, during the times that they are supposed to be in session in the parliament, easier to get to, without getting noticed, from the backbench? It is not as if sobriety is part of being a member of parliament, as they are not subject to drug and alcohol testing, before entering any chamber of the parliament, which is why it has often appeared that some of them are "sleeping it off", during sessions in the chambers. And, as they are not subject to the laws of people who work for a living, or, other members of the public outside the houses of parliament, it is quite okay for members of parliaments, to be drunk, or under the influence of some mind-altering chemical(s) other than alcohol, when they are supposed to be working.

And, regarding the issue of his evading accountability regarding his uncontrolled hoon driving, and his evading testing for chemical substances, under the influence of which, he appeared to have been driving, apart from apparently having been drunk and disorderly, and recklessly endangering the public, he can plead the precedence of selective amnesia, as stated by an expert witness - "I am an expert in psychology, and we members of parliaments, develop a condition known as selective amnesia, where we do not recall anything that we may have done, that might get us into trouble, especially when we may have maliciously caused deaths of members of the public, of which I have no memory, and, I have a degree in psychology, so that makes me an expert in everything to do with psychology, especially when it is convenient, and, I am a member of the parliament, and so it is part of our parliamentary privilege, to invoke the defence of selective amnesia, when we decide that that is convenient to us, and, the main part of parliamentary privilege, is that we are not accountable in law, anyway."

Otherwise, the state premier, and, the members of the government, should each be personally subject to prosecution, for reckless endangerment, and, misappropriation of state resources, in allowing Troy Buswell to take a ministerial car for private purposes, and, allowing him to use it for hoon driving and causing widespread damage and loss to the people of Western Australia, and for allowing him to recklessly endanger the people of Western Australia.

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