Armadale-WA –
Pictures of of motor vehicles photographed in Armadale, web page

This web page is for pictures of interesting and unusual motor vehicles
photographed in Armadale, Western Australia.

Please note; the images on this web page, are reduced in size, to 500x375 pixels, to speed up downloading.To see the full sized images, click on the images on this web page, one at a time, and, wait for the full size images to download. Depending on your web browser settings, this is best done, by selecting "Open in new tab/window", to get the full size image to open in a new tab or browser window.

1. The Fantom Truck

I regard it as a real work of art.

Click on each image to open full size in a new browser tab or window. More detail, showing the extent of the art, will be revealed when viewed in full size.

Front View

Side View

Rear View

2. Some interesting motorsickles :)

3. A Volvo car that is a bit different

4. A green car that appears to have been re-registered with a Victorian registration

With different registration plates...

5. A slightly different wooded car

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This web page was last updated on 19 June, 2016.