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This web page is for pictures of bird life in Armadale, Western Australia.

The pictures on this web page are the property of Bret Busby, and may not be reproduced without his written permission. He has larger copies of most of the images – of the images on this web page, some are cut from the full-sized images, and most are reduced versions of the full-sized images. If you want a full-sized copy of any of the images, contact him via the email address at the bottom of the page. A fee may be payable.

Some pictures of red-tailed black cockatoos

Please note:

  1. The red-tailed black cockatoos found in this area, the south-west of Western Australia, are classed as an endangered species.

  2. In September 2006, the “Armadale Redevelopment Authority” (ARA), the state government body set up by the state government in collusion with the Armadale City Council, to prevent local residents having any say in what happens in terms of “development” in Armadale, began clearing the stand of trees on Green Avenue in Armadale, where the pictures below, of the red-tailed black cockatoos, were taken. The stand of trees is a significant site for the red-tailed black cockatoos (and for other birds), providing a place for them to stop, gather together, and rest, in their travels. The eradication of such “transit points” for the birds, will contribute to the extinction of the species, which appears to be the intent of the state government (“we can't have noisy birds around our glorious new, four-storey slum”). The plans for the area, involve the eradication of all of the established trees on Green Avenue, so the birds will have lost the facilities at that location.

  3. The ARA, the state government (specifically, the local member for the lower house of state parliament), and, the Armadale City Council, are all relying on local apathy, and inaction of those in power who are supposed to deal with environmental and heritage concerns, to allow the ARA to eradicate the birds, by allowing the ARA to destroy their habitat.

  4. I have been advised by a local resident (who is one of the locals to be thrown out of their lifelong homes, in the name of the development), that a nest exists in one of the trees being removed.

Pictures of other local birdlife

Green parrots - I believe that the common name for them is twenty-eight parrots

A white faced heron

A herd of ibises (is "ibises" the correct plural for ibis?), grazing in a paddock on a local farm

Some pictures of pink and grey galahs

Three pictures of pink and grey galahs, taken on 28 June 2005 at Gwynne Park in Armadale:

Three pictures of a wedgetailed eagle, taken on 05 July 2005 from Gwynne Park in Armadale:

Four pictures of a peregrine falcon, taken on 08 August 2005 on Pelham Street in Armadale:

Four pictures of a kite, that is named a black-shouldered kite.
The photographs were taken on 17 July 2006 on Ninth Road in Armadale.
Where these pictures were taken, is to be cleared for development, eliminating the nest for the particular family of black-shouldered kites, as part of the clearing of all of the established trees in the area, for residential development.

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