Armadale-WA – Web page of pictures relating to Minnawarra House

This web page is for pictures relating to Minnawarra House in Armadale, Western Australia.

Minnawarra House

As has been mentioned on the issues web page of this web site, Minnawarra House has been earmarked for removal. One of the reasons, is that Minnawarra House is regarded as an "undesirable entry statement for Armadale".

Below are some images to show just how "undesirable", is the appearance of Minnawarra House, and, how unfriendly is the “entry statement to Armadale”, made by Minnawarra House and its surrounding land. The pictures below, also, show the open, grassed land that is threatened by the proposed development, and the inability of the proponent of the development, to maintain what it already has.

Minnawarra House from Armadale Road...

A closer look at the building ...

The open, grassed land between Minnawarra House and the adjacent railway land

From the South end

From Armadale Road

And to show that Woolworths, which is the retailer seeking the development, is unable to maintain what it already has there, to maintain safety, here is a photo of one of its trees in the carpark, that Woolworths is growing into the overhead power lines, to threaten public safety, and to threaten the electricity supply.

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