Armadale-WA – Web page for pictures of entry statements of entries into Armadale, Western Australia

This web page is for pictures of entry statements shown by entries into Armadale, Western Australia, to compare the impressions of the various entry statements seen on entering Armadale From different entry points.

Minnawarra House

As has been mentioned on the issues web page of this web site, Minnawarra House has been earmarked for removal. One of the reasons, is that Minnawarra House is regarded as an "undesirable entry statement for Armadale".

Below are some images to show just how "undesirable", is the appearance of Minnawarra House, and, how unfriendly is the “entry statement to Armadale”, made by Minnawarra House and its surrounding land.

Minnawarra House from Armadale Road...

A closer look at the building ...

And, the officially more desirable entry statement for Armadale -
from the intersection of Forrest Road and the railway line from the north,
Stalag 13...

And, from the side,

What a desolate-looking construction.

Even the Armadale Fire Station, on the entry to Armadale from Forrest Road, looks more friendly ...

Entering Brookdale, along Ninth Road,

Entering Armadale by train, from the south, at the edge of the Armadale central business district,

The city council and the Armadale Redevelopment Authority, definitely show what they think of Armadale, with the entry statements to show the people of Armadale, and visitors to Armadale, the kind of place that is Armadale.

Remember, one day, you will be judged for your actions ...

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