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This web page is for environmental problems mostly caused by the City Council in Armadale, Western Australia.

The Armadale City Council's policy of maximising greenhouse gas emissions

The Armadale City Council has persistently refused, for several years, to remove the tree shown in the photograph to the left. As shown in the photograph, the tree shades the solar water heater on the house below, and the northern end (the end facing the sun) of the house, requiring the residents of the house, to use fossil fuel power to heat water, to heat the house, and to provide lighting, in the middle of the day, when the winter sun is providing the most light and heat, and would best be providing these to the house, and which, if not for the tree, would make the house more energy efficient. The use of the solar water heater, which is clearly inhibited by the Armadale City Council, is “not consistent with the policy” of the City Council.

The photograph was taken at 1242 local time, on Tuesday 14 June 2005. And, the environmental damage caused by the tree, is quite apart from the threat to public safety, posed by the tree, which sheds 20 foot long branches on the road and across the residents' driveway, and which will likely one day break the overhead power lines that can be seen in the top right corner of the photograph, and that is quite apart from the damage that the tree has done and is doing to the road, as a person standing close to the tree can see the breaking up of the road surface caused by the tree, and, that is quite apart from the fouling up of the rainwater drainage, as can be seen from the tree litter at the base of the tree, the tree litter having been dragged from the road drainage grille at the base of the tree. And, all of that is quite apart from the threat posed by the tree, to the electricity feeder line to the house in the left of the photograph, with the pole for that feeder line shown in the photograph at the fence a few feet to the left of the tree.

But, is this just a case of the city council depriving one particular household of the use of its solar water heater, and of energy efficiency for the house, and deliberately causing financial damage to the household, by increasing the energy consumption for the victim household? No.

The photograph below, shows another house with the same problem, just a few minutes' walk from the house above - confirming the Armadale City Council's policy of obstructing the use of solar water heating and thence reducing energy efficiency, so as to increase the production of greenhouse gases and to cause financial damage to its residents, through deliberately increasing energy consumption of residents in Armadale.

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