Armadale-WA –
Web page about local, state, and, national,
mistreatment of disabled people
in Armadale and Western Australia, and Australia

Look at the phoptograph below.

This photograph was taken in Armadale, Western Australia.

Here (at each of the local government, state government, and, national government, levels), vulnerable and disabled people are treated with contempt, and, are regarded as expendable.

That is why pedestrians, including people using walking frames, and disabled people, including people who need to use mobility devices, such as mobility scooters, and wheelchairs, are made to travel on the roads, in areas where reckless driving, including street racing, are common and frequent.

But, in Australia, where the national government (LNP) abolished the position of Commissioner For the Disabled, and where the Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull, when he was the Minister For Preventing and Obstructing Communications, determined that the television networks had no need to include closed captions, or, subtitles, in the programmes broadcast on television in Australia, as Malcolm Turnbull personally determined that people with hearing disabilities do not need to know what is going on, on television, or otherwise, and so television networks, simply tend to not broadcast, and, sometimes, delete and deliberately do not broadcast, closed captions, or, subtitles that are deliberately included with the programmes by the programme producers, such as has been done by the nine network, to bully people with hearing disabilities.

After all, this IS Australia, where vulnerable people and people with disabilities, are expendable, and, governments find it fun to bully vulnerable people and people with disabilities, as is shown by each of the Armadale City Council, the Western Australian state government, and, the Australian federal government.

Look at the picture - do YOU want your relatives, and friends, to have their lives deliberately (recklessly) put at risk, by callous and uncaring, reckless, governments at each of the three levels of government in Australia? Many types of people; parents wwith infants in pushchairs and prams, schoolchildren walking to and from school and other activities, and, the other people mentioned, are all recklessly endangered by the deliberate actions of local governments and the state and federal governments.

The people in the photograph, were lucky, At the time when they were travelling along the street, no reckless drivers were out to kill or maim (the absence of reckless drivers who are out to kill or maim, is unusual), there, which is unusual for the area.

Standard 2.5 metre wide, concreted, shared paths for pedestrians, including people using walking frames, and disabled people, including people who need to use mobility devices, such as mobility scooters, and wheelchairs, should be mandatory for both sides of every road in built up areas.

Vulnerable and disabled people should be respected and provided with safe travel while exercising and getting out and about, and, should be provided with adequate facilities..

And, the concreted paths along both sides of the road, to provide safer travel for the vulnerable and disabled in local communities, which provision of paths, that we DO NOT have, and, for which we are made to pay, in our requirement to pay for the provision of these and other basic local government services, that are not provided, is yet another part of the fraud that is local government in Western Australia.

This web page is authorised and published by Bret Busby, 2 Pelham Street, Armadale.

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This web page was last updated on 20 June, 2016.