Letter To The Editor of the Armadale Examiner, 07 October 2007

The full text of the Letter to the Editor of the Armadale Examiner, sent on 07 October 2007, is below.


Many people have had letters published, and, advertisements and flyers distributed, and, apparently phone calls made, relating to what are the issues, and who people should vote for and against, in this local government election.

I am a candidate in the local government elections.

I am not going to say in this letter, whether people should vote for me, or against me in the election, or what are the issues that I consider important. The electors packs, d istributed by the Electoral Commission, should have contained sufficient information for eligible electors within the ward, to decide for whom to vote.

I say that a most important thing for all eligible voters to consider, is that, whatever the outcome of the election and, whatever, whoever is elected, does in the council, in the future, it is the eligible electors, who are responsible.

In the last ordinary local government elections in this state, the Lake Ward of Armadale had the status of having the lowest voter participation in the state. Only about one in four eligible voters, voted. So, three-quarters of the eligible voters, appear to have been happy with the way things were, or, given that neither of the two candidates were sitting councillors, just couldn't be bothered voting, as whatever happened at the city council, was regarded by them as having no importance or effect on them.

So, I say here, not that people should vote for me, or against me, but that people, in the ward in which I am a candidate, and, in all of the wards in all of the districts in which this newspaper is distributed, should make the effort and vote. It is the future of them, and of the children, and anyone else who cannot vote, that is affected by the decision to vote or note to vote.


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