Letter To The Editor of the Armadale Examiner, 04 September 2007

The full text of the Letter to the Editor of the Armadale Examiner, sent on 04 September 2007, is below.


I refer to the Letter from D R Grimwood, published in the Examiner on 30
August, referring to the Armadale Mayor flitting off to Canberra to lobby
the federal government for more money.

If the mayor and the CEO did not divert ratepayers' money from the provision
of essential services, to these junkets at the expense of ratepayers, then
they would have more difficulty justifying the exorbitant rates that we are
charged, "due to the insufficiency of funds", caused by these junkets that
are paid from council funds.

And, after all, they do have to strengthen their future political careers at
ratepayers' expense, like the previous mayor, for whose campaign as a
candidate in a state election, council resources were used.

No doubt, the costs to the ratepayers, of this particular junket, would be
far more than the cost of the removal of the tree on Mornington Street that
the council grows to hide the school speed zone sign, or, to get the street
lights at the roundabout in front of the RSL clubrooms, working, or, to fix
similar hazards to public safety.

But then, public safety has been a concept far removed from this city
council, especially when holidays are to be had at the expense of
ratepayers, using funds that might otherwise be used to improve public

But then, as the line in the song states; "I ask, who really cares?". With
all of the goings-on in this city council, and, the ever-increasing,
excessive rates, for ever-decreasing provision of services, basically, the
people are so apathetic, that less than half, vote in the local government
elections. And, when, in not too many years' time, the council increases the
rates to a minimum of $10,000 a year, while the city becomes increasingly
more dangerous through neglect, maybe only another 5% will be interested
enough to vote, as the people of Armadale appear to be so rich, as to think
that it does not matter how much the council charges in rates, as everyone
has money to throw away, or how many more people die in Armadale, in
dangerous situations due to neglect, as life is cheap in Armadale. The
majority of people in Armadale, appear to simply not care.

And, it must be remembered, that, whilst non-profit organisations are
required to have their budgets approved at Annual General Meetings of
members, no level of government in Australia, is that accountable, or, is
really accountable at all, as, it appears that, at each level of government
to which we are subject, those in power, appear to believe that "to govern",
means "to plunder".

One thing that I find interesting, is that I have not yet, this year, seen
in any local newspaper in Armadale, a comparison of the "rate in the
dollar", charged by the various local governments in WA, showing where the
Armadale City Council is ranked.


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