Letter To The Editor of the Armadale Examiner, 14 August 2007

The full text of the Letter to the Editor of the Armadale Examiner, sent on 14 August 2007, is below.


I note with interest, that, within a couple of weeks of my Letter having
been published, which referred to members of the Armadale City Council,
uniting to support the political campaign for the Deputy Mayor to get
elected in the Lake Ward, in which he will not have been a resident for many
years, at the time of the election, for the upcoming local government
elections, which have not yet been announced, that the city council is
magically starting to fulfil one of its obligations in the area, after years
of neglect.

Today, Tuesday 14 August, some of the verge trees in the area, that the
council has been growing under the power lines, to grow through the power
lines, have magically started to be pruned away from the power lines
(although the people cutting up the trees have left them where they dropped,
including on letter boxes and all the way from the street to the letter
boxes, to obstruct mail delivery).

Hopefully, with the council showing its active support for the Deputy Mayor
to get elected in the Lake Ward, so as to get both councillors for the ward,
not living in the ward at the time that they are elected, after the results
of the election are announced,  and keep the council having only members
that actively support the actions and policies of the current council
members, the council will start to fulfil other obligations to local
residents and ratepayers, that the council has neglected for so long,
imposing danger through neglect.

Perhaps, the council might, for example, start providing footpaths to all
streets, so that, on streets like Rigden Street and Pelham Street, as just
two examples, mothers pushing prams, and small children who are still
learning to stay upright on tricycles and bicycles, do not have to compete
with road traffic, especially louts in the area.

Perhaps, the council might also instal a roundabout at the corner of Pelham
Street and Mornington Street, to slow the car racers and other louts, to try
to protect the primary school children, as the council tree hides the school
speed limit sign.

Perhaps, the council might also remove the street tree close to that
intersection, that has been breaking up the road for several years, and,
blocking the road storm water drainage, and, in keeping with council policy,
obstructing solar water heating and dropping large branches so as to
endanger road users and residents, all of this with the knowledge of the
mayor and deputy mayor, for several years.

After all, if the council starts to actually provide some of the facilities
and services, and, fulfil its obligations, for which residents and
ratepayers have been paying thousands of dollars over the years, for
nothing, perhaps it will ensure the election of the Deputy Mayor, in a ward
in which he does not live, and probably has little understanding of local

Even if the council does these things, only for the two (?) remaining months
up until the close of voting, it will be better than the complete neglect
shown to local residents and ratepayers, for so many years.


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