Letter To The Editor of the Comment News, 25 July 2007

The full text of the Letter to the Editor of the Comment News, sent on 25 July 2007, is below.


I am writing about a news item that I encountered today, 24 July,
 with the headline "Public get say on WA water supply", and the
first sentence of the news item reading "Western Australia's
Economic Regulation Authority is calling for public submissions
on what should be done to improve the state's water supply.

This is clearly yet another sick practical joke being played on
the people of Western Australia, by the state government.

I attended the first "public forum" in the state that was held at
Armadale, regarding the "water problem" in the state, when we had
the galloping premier, who went on television on the night of
that forum, and basically said "We don't care what the people say
or want. The forums are an absolute waste of time. We have
already made up our mind as to what we will and will not do about
water in the state, and we will not take any notice of the people
of the state."

It is apparently the policy of the state government, to show
absolute contempt for the people of the state, and to rub the
collective nose of the people of the state, in the excrement that
is being forced down the people's collective throat.

This is exemplified by the "Champion Lake" facility, where the
state government and its minister for destruction, created a big
pond, taking water from farmers, to show that the state does not
have any problems with any shortage of water, by creating the big
pond purely to show everyone that so much water exists in the
state, that massive resources could be diverted, to take the
water supply from the farmers, so that city people could splash
around in it and give the finger to everyone not splashing around
in the pond.

Then we have the desalination plants that were guaranteed to end
all water restrictions, as they guaranteed adequate supply of
water for years to come. Yeah, right. The effect of the
desalination plants, is an immediate increase in water
restrictions, to counter the damage of the desalination plants.

And, we have the sabotaging of the road system, to create the
mandurah railway, which is going to be effectively run by steam
engines, as the state government will simply be using coal-fired
electricity generation outside the city, to power the trains (out
of sight, out of mind - "the environment does not exist outside
the grounds of parliament house").

And, the recent increasing power blackouts that we have had to
tolerate, are no doubt preparation for the rolling blackouts that
will occur as the state government diverts electricity supplies
from residential areas, to the mandurah trains, as we already
lack adequate electricity supplies, BEFORE the imposition of the
extra drain of the mandurah railway line.

So, this fraud of "calling for public submissions on what should
be done to improve the state's water supply", is simply another
sick practical joke imposed on the people of the state, by a
psychopathic state government.

The state government's surplus of revenue (derived through
insidious means), has shown that the state government could have
paid for the Ord River pipeline to Perth within a few years of
commencement of the project, probably by now, and we would have
had adequate water supply, instead of these ongoing sick
practical jokes.


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