Letter To The Editor of the Comment News, 04 October 2006

The full text of the Letter to the Editor of the Comment News, sent on 04 October 2006, is below.


State of ongoing neglect

Now that people have apparently forgotten about the Selby Street Reserve,
and that a small child died there, on playground equipment that the city
council had neglected, in a reserve that the city council had neglected, the
neglect continues.

As shown in the photograph that I have submitted, the council is continuing
to neglect the reserve, with the grass at shoulder height, in places, and,
around the rubbish bin that the city council put on the Pelham Street verge
of the reserve, the grass is as high as the bin. And, of course, there is
the city council rubbish tip across the road from the reserve, where some
residents dump their rubbish, with council permission, to make the area even
more unsightly and unsafe.

The council apparently regards itself as having fulfilled its obligations to
residents of the ward, having mowed the reserve once this year, in response
to a child having died in a dangerous environment, neglected by the council
as always.

The council, therefore, apparently regards itself as now having also
justified yet another rates increase, in its out-of control, spiralling
increasing of rates for little benefit to residents, so that senior
councillors and council staff, can go on even more junket holidays, at
ratepayers' expense, to evade providing benefits for residents.

Does the grass at Minnawarra Park, where the city council offices stand, get
to grow so high? No way!

Why is this so? The answer is simple.

The state of the Selby Street Reserve, as with the reserve at the end of
Gerald Street, is in keeping with the city council policy; "Out of sight,
out of mind".

Armadale - "A place unsafe for children and other residents, the danger
brought to you, compliments of the council".


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